WOW – kids find out their school is closed

WOW - kids find out their school is closed

Is there a better day as a kid than when your school has to be closed because of the snow?
No teachers, no lessons, just playing outside, getting into snowball fights, making the best snowman on the street and sledging down the hill.
WOW - kids find out their school is closed
It is certainly a big deal for kids when the snow forces schools to shut. But what if it is all other schools get shut but yours can still open?
Could there be anything worse?
One father in Co Mayo decided to make his kids sweat on the big news as he called the automated phone line to find out if their school was closed.
Young Ciara, 10, and brother Ruairi, 6, waited nervously as the automated voice listed off the schools in their area and stated whether they were open or closed.
Their dad Danny held the phone on speakerphone as the news came through that school after school in Mayo had been closed because of the weather.
Then came the moment of truth, Ciara and Ruairi’s Louisburgh National School was… closed.
As you can imagine, the news was met with elation from Ciara and Ruairi who went ahead and celebrated in heart-warming style that will have you wishing you too were still a kid who has just been told your school is closed.
Take a look at the video.

Written by Andrew Moore