Irish politician splits opinion by wading into water to help prevent flooding

Irish politician splits opinion by wading into water to help prevent flooding

One Irish politician showed he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty when he waded into the River Shannon to fix a water pump and ease the threat of flooding for the local people.

Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran was filmed as he stood topless in knee-deep water to help carry out the repairs in Co Westmeath.

Irish politician splits opinion by  wading into water to help prevent flooding

Once the work was complete, he joked to the camera: “That’s it – job done. Drownded f**kin’ wet though. I nearly got sick with the smell of it. There’s one sure thing, she won’t kiss me tonight.”

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The independent TD has recently lost his seat in parliament after failing to get re-elected.

However, he is still willing to work for the good of the people in his community.

Moran posted a video showing him working in the water onto Twitter. He added the comment: “Got a bit wet this morning trying to get a pump going down at the back of Parnell Square.

“No spare set of clothes but the people are protected – that’s the main thing.”

He has received plenty of praise for his actions with many suggesting he should have been re-elected after showing his commitment to his constituency.

Some of the positive comments made to his video include:

“Real ppl’s reps. Walk the walk. Not just talking the talk.”

“Fair play to him. He lost his seat and he still helping the people. Not many TDs would do that.”

“You are my hero.”

However, not everybody was impressed with some labelling the video as a simple publicity stunt.

Here are a couple of the less-flattering comments posted online.

“Who on earth thinks this is impressive? Let’s look at flood causes and ask Boxer and his predecessors why they drained our bogs, built on flood-plains, used our rivers for drains, tore up trees, hedges and naturally occurring flood solutions? Publicity stunts don’t stop floods.”

“Failed pumps, failed defences, no knowledge of best science and practice to prevent flooding in the first place.”

Finally, some people couldn’t resist poking fun at the whole situation with comical comments such as:

“Could you imagine the posh boys doing this?”

“Like watching Baywatch”

“He will end up with pneumonia if he keeps going out like that in that weather.”

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