Seven-year-old boy sings for his mam and dad’s first dance

Seven-year-old boy sings for his mam and dad's first dance

A seven-year-old Irish boy gave his mum and dad the perfect wedding day gift as he led them in song for their first dance as husband and wife.

Cool Kenzie McNally was the only person in the room without a lump in his throat and tears in his eyes.

Seven-year-old boy sings for his mam and dad's first dance
The young charmer beautifully sang Ed Sheeran’s Perfect as his newly wed mam and dad held each other and danced together.

The moment was captured on film and Kenzie has become an online star. More than 50,000 people have watched the video on YouTube.

Knezie, from Armagh, is a massive Ed Sheeran fan and was more than happy to perform and make his parents’ first dance extra special.

Bride and Kenzie’s mum Christine said: “Kenzie is in his school choir at Orchard county P.S. and he just sings constantly round house and loves Ed Sheeran.

“So we asked him if he would like to sing our first dance Ed Sheeran Perfect and he agreed! Simon Emerson, the singer with the guitar, works at my dad’s shop and he had a few lessons with Kenzie but said he needed very few lessons as he knew song off by heart!

“I don’t think he realises how much of a star and how proud we are of him.

“We got him tickets to see Ed Sheeran in Dublin in May as a surprise after his performance and he’s so excited to go see Ed in concert as he knows every single song!”

Take a look at the heart-warming moment below.

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Written by Andrew Moore