Katy Perry's attempt an an Irish accent divides opinion

Katy Perry's Irish accent splits fans

Music superstar Katy Perry took on the Irish Accent Challenge recently and has split opinion with her attempt.
The Roar singer was the guest of 2FM DJ Eoin McDermott last week and she was more than happy to give the Irish accent a go.
Katy Perry's Irish accent splits fans
She took on traditional Irish Mammy phrase “I’ll smack the arse off ya if you don’t stop acting the mickey” and to be fair it was not too bad.
However, Perry could not master every phrase she was given, as she admitted that her “cup of tea” sounded more English than Irish.
The next phrase she was given was: “If you break your legs don’t come running to me.”
For some reason Perry’s attempt had more of a Jamaican sound than an Irish one.
In her defence, there are similar twangs to be found in both accents, as this fascinating video about the Black Irish of Montserrat shows.
Perry’s last task was to shout out for the three biggest GAA teams.
Her cry of “Up the Dubs! Up the Banner! Up the Kingdom!” was enough for host Eoin McDermott to give her an A+, although she modestly said she thought it was more like an A-.
Some fans have praised Perry’s attempts, offering her encouragement at least for her efforts.
Other have been a little harsher, and questioned the A+ she was given by McDermott.
Take a look at the video and then decide for yourself.

Written by Andrew Moore