Katie Hopkins angers Ireland with 'almost civilised' comment

Katie Hopkins angers Ireland with 'almost civilised' comment

Serial offender Katie Hopkins has made Ireland the latest community of people to turn against her after she insulted the country.
Hopkins, who is known as ‘Britain’s biggest bitch’, was being interviewed by Irish presenter Angela Scanlon for her BBC series Close Encounters.Katie Hopkins angers Ireland with 'almost civilised' comment
Hopkins was making the claim that she sees herself as the ‘Jesus of the outspoken’. She then insulted Scanlon by asking if we had Marks and Spencer in Ireland, implying that it is not as developed as Britain. Scanlon sarcastically replied: “We also have electricity.”
Hopkins then said that the Irish are “almost civilised, but you like potatoes”.
Visibly angered, Scanlon pointed out: “We also have manners.”
Hopkins then insulted Scanlon further by asking: “So you’ve come to England because you like it better?”
Scanlon responded: “No, I don’t like it better.”
Hopkins said: “So go home then!”
The rudeness has caused an angry backlash from Irish people, with many criticising Hopkins for her ignorance.
Take a look at the video for yourself.