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Katie Hopkins angers Ireland with 'almost civilised' comment

Serial offender Katie Hopkins has made Ireland the latest community of people to turn against her after she insulted the country.
Hopkins, who is known as ‘Britain’s biggest bitch’, was being interviewed by Irish presenter Angela Scanlon for her BBC series Close Encounters.Katie Hopkins angers Ireland with 'almost civilised' comment
Hopkins was making the claim that she sees herself as the ‘Jesus of the outspoken’. She then insulted Scanlon by asking if we had Marks and Spencer in Ireland, implying that it is not as developed as Britain. Scanlon sarcastically replied: “We also have electricity.”
Hopkins then said that the Irish are “almost civilised, but you like potatoes”.
Visibly angered, Scanlon pointed out: “We also have manners.”
Hopkins then insulted Scanlon further by asking: “So you’ve come to England because you like it better?”
Scanlon responded: “No, I don’t like it better.”
Hopkins said: “So go home then!”
The rudeness has caused an angry backlash from Irish people, with many criticising Hopkins for her ignorance.
Take a look at the video for yourself.


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  1. Katie Hopkins is a stuck up cow

  2. That’s hilarious! Hopkins has an attitude & makes her career on her ratings & exposure, she knew she’d get both if she could get a rise out of an Irish fool and Scanlon, proving herself to be an unprofessional fool, took the bait hook, line and sinker, rather than playing it cool and not giving in to petty jibes, she made snappy bitchy replies which backfired making an ass out of herself, and people wonder why the Brits laugh at us. Another own goal for Ireland.

  3. Anyone that mocks the Irish regarding potatoes is an utter disgrace. A number of comedians try it Hopkins uses it as a vicious slur. Our ancestors died in their hundreds of thousands and people think this is funny? It’s the most hurtful and racist thing I can think of. Shame shame shame!!

  4. Karen Montgomery

    She reminds me of Donald Trump–full of self and shit. Wait, in their case self and shit are one and the same. And really, quite honestly, shit has a purpose.

  5. She tells the girl to go home, why doesn’t she tell her countrymen to go home and get out of Ireland!
    She is very arrogant, above us all. Some people are just that way. One day she will realize she is no better than anyone else.
    Your correct Richard Purdie she is an ignoramus, among other things.

  6. Eileen O'Gara Brrosius

    Why give this woman the time of day or even space in Ireland Calling? People who spew hatred and ignorance shouldn’t be given time & attention.

  7. You compare her to Hillary? I think you !missed the entire points of the Irish and their outrage. Why not compare her to Rush L, or Bill O, Ann Coulter. You over reached, why not Trump. Hillary is nothing like this woman. Your hate for Hillary is more about you, than Hillary.

  8. She is a woman with an ugly heart and mind.So if you are all so stupid to interview or be interviewed by her you all deserve what you get. She drips poison ,you all know this..

  9. This so called lady is a complete an utter disgrace she’s an absolute donkey trying to make a show of Ireland yet if she bothered to watch the euros she would see how classy her own is compared to the Irish now don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t put the hole of the British down as there are some really lovely English people I know an whom I am releted to but this vile excuse for a human been should be lined up an shot she has insulted everything an everyone in some shape or form even saying that about people who suffer with alzimers which my dad does an if I ever got my hands on her let say she would not be a problem no more karmas a bitch my darling an God be with u when it strikes you

  10. One of the rudest beings on this planet, I don’t understand why IT even gets air time! Posh trash!!!

  11. If we are almost civilised, at least by her thinking the bitch is “almost dead”.

  12. “Almost civilised”!!! Have you not been watching Euro 2016 Katie Hopkins? I’m sure you must be very proud to be English and civilised!!!

  13. Oh Mr. Starr, you have made me laugh raucously! It seems the only the difference between Hillary and Katie is that the latter doesn’t hide her feelings for political gain. OK, maybe one more difference: Katie appears to be someone who simply has anger issues and delusions of holier-than-thou self-importance while Hillary secretly plots to sell out her own country to the highest bidder. We may be suffering a tad bit more than hurt feelings. BTW, here in the south potatoes are a staple and we cook them with electricity too.

  14. Doesn’t it seem sort of like she’s created on on-air persona? She’s just too completely insulting for it not to be deliberate and calculated.

  15. the only word i can think about this woman and i can’t call her a lady , cause a lady wouldn’t bad mouth another person’s country, is a dipdoodle. when you raise children and you don’t want to curse around them, you come up with your own little words. well this one is mine, it covers every curse word out there. i love potatoes..what is wrong with this woman, potatoes are full of potassium and a womans body needs that. maybe that’s what is wrong with her, she doesn’t eat potatoes so her potassium is low and she can’t think straight. maybe she has sand in her vajayjay, you know how irritating that can be. yes that is her problem right there.

  16. Well a typical thick British person has spoken hmmm ha ,

  17. Hopkins feels that by being insulting, rude, and boorish she’ll gather an audience and become known. Seems like she is achieving her aim.

  18. all this from a slapper who has sex in a field like an animal


  20. The link would not play the video. I’ve not heard of Katie Hopkins here in Oklahoma, USA. We have Hilary, so I’m guessing we’re suffering equally!

  21. I’ll keep this really simple, in keeping with Hopkins’s level of intelligence and humanity:

  22. Well isn’t she lovely? I believe she fis perfectly one of my favorite lines Jesus ever spoke “For I do not know you” What a wicked woman she is!! May you receive in return the same as you give Katie Hopkins!!!

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