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Irish bar owner didn't recognise Justin Bieber and asked him for ID

An Irish bar owner had superstar Justin Bieber in his pub but failed to recognise who he was, and even requested to see his ID.
Trevor Kelly, who is originally from Co Ofally, lives in New York and is the owner of Gramercy Ale House Sports Bar and Grill in Manhattan.
Irish bar owner doesn't recognise Justin Bieber and asks him for ID. Photo copyright Lou Stejskal CC2
He revealed that back in May, the young singer dropped by his bar with a girlfriend and asked for a bottle of Corona.
Trevor was unsure that the baby-faced star was old enough to be drinking, and asked to see his ID.
He says that Bieber was more than happy to oblige, and showed him his ID before moving back down the bar to his seat.
Trevor added: “He has a bad reputation but I found him to be nice and mannerly.”
Bieber was spotted by another of Trevor’s customers, who bought the youngster a pint of Guinness.
The Canadian graciously accepted, and drank that too before exiting with his friend as more people began to recognise him.

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