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American star discovers the wonder of the Tayto sandwich

Ireland’s favourite adopted son Josh Pray has discovered one of our most famous delicacies – the Tayto sandwich.

The US comedian has become an online star following his exploits this summer which saw him immerse himself in Irish culture.

American star discovers the wonder of the Tayto sandwich

Pray has frequently been shocked and surprised by the capabilities and work ethics of Irish people, dispelling many myths and beliefs he had held along the way.

He has remained respectful and complimentary to the country and its people, while delivering his message in his trademark energetic style.

His latest video sees him try for the first time one of the Ireland’s favourite meals – the Tayto sandwich.

Pray buttered his bread and placed the Tayto crisps carefully inside. He even used the crust, or as he described it ‘the booty bread’.

A couple of bites into his carefully crafted sandwich saw Pray celebrate the delicious blend of taste and texture with a quick spot of Irish dancing.

He then returned to his sandwich and described it as a ‘high food’.

Fans of Pray will know what comes next. One of his trademark rants about the brilliance of what he has before him.

He launches into one of his humorous tirades about the beauty of the Tayto sandwich.

He tells his mother he no longer wants turkey for his Thanksgiving dinner, but a Tayto sandwich.

He suggests the inventor of the snack should be honoured and makes numerous claims about the health benefits of eating Tayto sandwiches, most of which we cannot confirm as true.

Funny stuff though. Take a look for yourself below and click the links beneath the video to see more of Pray’s journey across Ireland.

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