Irish viewers loving John Bishop’s journey across the country

Irish viewers loving John Bishop's journey across the country

John Bishop received widespread praise from viewers who watched his documentary as he travelled around Belfast learning about the history of the Troubles.

The Liverpool comedian took a tour of the whole country as part of his ‘John Bishop’s Ireland’ series, with the last episode seeing him visit the North.

Irish viewers loving John Bishop's journey across the country

The scouse funnyman spoke to the people of Belfast and learned about the impact the Troubles had on people’s lives.

His taxi driver told him that there was no health and safety concerns during the height of the conflict and there would frequently be many people packed into one car.

The taxi picked up another passenger and Bishop discovered that her uncle had been one of “the disappeared”.

He asked her what that meant and she explained: “He was one of the men taken away by the IRA many years ago and he was shot dead, him and his friend and they were buried in the bogs for many years. He was 18 when that happened.”

As the conversation continued, the taxi driver revealed his uncle was also one of the disappeared and that he and the passenger’s uncle were friends.

Bishop’s journey took him to all corners of the island, and he soaked up plenty of the culture during his trip.

He attended the GAA final and used plenty of his experiences to create material for his stand-up routines.

The comedian’s time in Ireland concluded with him performing to 10,000 people in the 3Arena in Dublin.

Looking back at his trip, Bishop said: “You come back from Ireland wanting to go back to Ireland, that says it all really.”

Viewers of the four-part series were also delighted with Bishop’s portrayal of the country and his interest in the history.

He got on well with people throughout the country and was happy to share a laugh and a gentle bit of banter with all.

The show was certainly well received by Twitter users with many posting words of praise for Bishop online.

Take a look at the trailer for the series John Bishop’s Ireland.

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