Irish jogger chased back into her house by rogue goat

An Irish jogger got more than she’d bargained for when she went for her morning run only to be chased back into her house by a rogue goat.

Katie Milner of Donadea noticed there were several stray goats in her garden as she left the house.

Irish jogger chased back into her house by rogue goat

However, backed up by her loyal dog Montie, Katie set off on her run and the goats actually ran away after being startled.

One goat was not so sheepish though and turned to face Katie and chase her back from where she’d come.

Understandably Katie was a little scared and turned to sprint back to the safety of her house.

She made it back inside without being caught, thanks mostly to trusty Montie joining in the hunt and distracting the goat.

Katie burst out laughing with relief and shock once she was safe and sound inside.

Unfortunately though, Katie’s ordeal was not over as her sister Sophie had captured the whole thing on camera.

Of course that footage was posted straight online for the world to enjoy, with the caption “Just your average day in Donadea”.

The video has been retweeted and liked thousands of times and no doubt Katie is being treated to countless jokes from her family and friends.

Take a look for yourself, remember to enable the sound to hear Sophie giggling in the background.

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