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Irish pub owner hits back at negative review with hilarious video

An Irish pub owner has created a comical video in response to a negative review his business got in a newspaper.

The video sees Gerald Hough, manager of JJ Hough’s singing pub reading the bad review of his establishment in the Pub Spy segment of the Sunday World.

Irish pub owner hits back at negative review with hilarious video

The negative comments clearly upset Hough, as he hits back by saying perhaps the writer needed a female perspective.

He begins a tour of his pub in the ladies’ bathroom. The tone is set for the video immediately when he shows the camera the specialist toilet paper they use, novelty Sunday World newspaper rolls.

Hough then responds to a comment in the review that criticises the décor, stating that the bare concrete floor is still visible.

He says he will take the reviewer’s advice, and proceeds to begin smashing up his pub’s floor with a sledgehammer.
The artwork of the pub is not safe either. Hough describes it as 15th century art, but a copy of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is swiftly destroyed by a hard punch straight through the centre of the painting.

Hough goes on to smash up his “priceless Ming Dynasty vase” and lines his walls with tinfoil at the in a sarcastic attempt to make JJ Hough’s singing pub more attractive and modern.

The video then cuts to a scene of the pub packed with people enjoying drinks and music in a vibrant atmosphere.
Hough is stood behind the bar and raises a glass to the camera, saying: “On second thoughts Pub Spy, I think we’re OK the way we are. Cheers!”

The video has been published and shared across several Irish media outlets, and is undoubtedly proving a talking point with the locals of JJ Hough’s.

Take a look for yourself.

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