Jameson St Patrick’s Day advert – inspiring or patronising?

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5 Responses

  1. Breandan O Raibhartaig says:

    Shur an’ begorragh where would we all be without the usual Dhrink ochone is ochone.is it not time,bhoyos,to stop all the diddly di and take our Rightful place in modern society and forget the spalpeen stage Oirish man, just a bejassus thought

  2. Dean Gurley says:

    I’m an American and love Ireland,the whole of it…I saw nothing condescending about the commercial…but I’m an admirer on the outside looking in


    I wouldn’t call it condescending, but….. It doesn’t quite “do it for me”.. I feel it lacks, ‘something’..

  4. Con Power says:

    That’s an excellent St Patrick’s Day advert by Jameson, in terms of both content and presentation.

  5. DAN WILLIAMS says:

    A great commercial showcasing Jameson’s great Irish whiskey tangentially. Puts the Irish people in their element, joy-filled, happy, enjoying their beautiful country and their national holiday. Doesn’t really connect them to the Jameson’s, except indirectly.

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