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James II overthrown as King of Ireland by the Dáil

After centuries of being under the command of British rulers, Ireland finally achieved it freedom yesterday by overthrowing the King of England.

Hold on, hasn’t Ireland been independent since the Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed in 1921? Certainly since the Republic of Ireland Act was passed in 1948?

Well, apparently not. James II has been the official King of Ireland since an order from 1685, despite the fact that he has been dead since 1701. The archaic law had never been revoked, until now.
James II overthrown as King of Ireland by the Dáil
The Dáil yesterday began the process to abolish more than 5,000 ancient and obsolete laws. After centuries of letting all that paperwork build up, they finally decided to have a real good sort through.

James II lost his position as King of Ireland after losing in battle to William of Orange, who was married his daughter Mary. A separate law from 1689 declaring William and Mary as rulers of Ireland is also set to be abolished.

Other laws to be dismissed include reserving oatmeal and potatoes for consumption by the “lower orders of people” (passed in 1817), offering a pardon and reward for taking dead or alive named rebels who fail to surrender by a designated date (1690) and the first Wednesday of every month as a day of fasting and humiliation on account of the bubonic plague in London (1665).

People in Ireland will also be able to look forward to a good old military duel again now, after a 1690 law prohibiting officers and soldiers from engaging in duels is also set to go.

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  1. Clifton Palmer McLendon

    Here’s to old Ireland undivided —
    To all good Irishmen and true —
    The North, the South, the East, the West,
    May they be forever blest:
    One for all, and all for Ireland’s thirty-two!

    Make the false Saxon feel
    Erin’s avenging steel —
    On for your country: Ó Domhnaill a buaidh!

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