You want this guy at your party!

You want this guy at your party!

A four year old lad got the party started at his local club when he stepped onto the dancefloor and threw the sort of shapes that the rest of us only dare do on our own in front of the mirror.

Jake Bradshaw was the star of the show at the Rocks Hurling Clubhouse in Arklow charity night.

You want this guy at your party!

The guests had enjoyed the Man Utd v Liverpool clash, a few games had been played and raffle prizes handed out.

The party could have begun to start winding down, but one young man had other ideas.

Jake took the dancefloor by himself to rock out to the iconic club anthem Maniac.

He lifted the energy in the room almost immediately with his infectious enthusiasm for a good time.

The crowd stood and watched as the youngster showed off some serious dancefloor skills.

The DJ rightly chanted out his name and told him “You the man Jake!”

The fantastic performance was recorded and has been posted online.

It is already proving to be a big hit with internet viewers, and now many of the major Irish media outlets have published the story.

Check it out for yourself. Don’t you wish you could still move like that?

Written by Andrew Moore