Jackie Kennedy believed Elizabeth Taylor had affair with JFK

Jackie Kennedy believed Elizabeth Taylor had affair with JFK

It has been revealed that Jackie Kennedy hated Elizabeth Taylor because she was convinced the Hollywood star had bedded her husband.

The double Oscar winning actress denied her relationship with the President ever went beyond friendship, but was unable to convince the First Lady resulting in a bitter feud.

Details of the strained love triangle are revealed in Taylor’s private diaries, which she kept since her days as a child star.

A friend of the iconic star revealed some of the secrets hidden in the journals. She told the Sunday Express: “When they are edited and published, as she requested, they will amaze fans and historians.”

Extracts from the diary, written in 1960, reveal Taylor had visited Kennedy several times at his bungalow in the Beverley Hills Hotel.

Taylor’s friend explained: “She was married to Eddie Fisher, her fourth husband, at the time. And she was thrilled to be invited to meet Kennedy during one of his campaign fund-raising visits to California.

Kennedy’s wife Jackie was concerned, with her husband’s reputation for being a ladies man, and him spending time alone with one of the world’s most beautiful and talented actresses.

It is rumoured that Kennedy had numerous affairs throughout his marriage to Jackie, with women in his employment and also celebrity stars, most famously Marilyn Monroe.

However, Elizabeth Taylor was never one of the women the President had an affair with, according to her long-time friend.

She continued: “They (Kennedy and Taylor) hit it off so well he invited her to see him a number of times and, had it not been for Jackie’s jealousy, Liz would undoubtedly have been part of what became known as Camelot, his inner circle.

“Liz swore her relationship with Kennedy never went beyond friendship, but Jackie was convinced they had an affair and said some vicious things about Elizabeth that got back to her.”

Jackie Kennedy died in 1994, still believing her husband had had an affair with Taylor.

Taylor’s diaries are understood to contain numerous secrets and details about her private life.

Her friend said: “I sat with her on many occasions as she wrote new entries or confided in me by reading aloud extracts from old ones.

“She never missed a single day writing in journals she had kept since she starred in Lassie Come Home in 1943 at the age of 11. Every thought, every emotion, every joyous or dark time in a truly remarkable life is there for posterity.”

The journal reportedly also reveals Taylor’s fifth husband, Richard Burton, resorted to physical violence several times during their marriage.

Taylor died of congestive heart failure in 2011.

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