It's official – Irish women are the better drivers

Irish women are better drivers than the men. Image Copyright - Ireland Calling

It has been proven that Irish women are better drivers than their male counterparts.
For decades there have been unfair stereotypes and jokes about women drivers being inferior to men.
However, now Irish women have hard evidence to prove that they are in fact the better drivers.
Irish women are better drivers than the men. Image Copyright - Ireland Calling
Insurance company No Nonsense have developed a tool which measures a driver’s activities when behind the wheel.
Various manoeuvres such as hard breaking, accelerating and cornering are recorded so that the road safety of the driver can be accurately measured.
The drivers that score highly on the safety scale then qualify for lower insurance costs as they are less likely to be involved in any incident.
The tool is called Smart Driver and has rewarded hundreds of safer drivers in the past six months. Jackie McMahon of No Nonsense said: “Smart driver was the first Irish product that allowed promising drivers to prove, over an extended period, that they were safe drivers and that they should benefit from lower premiums. If you are safer you should pay less.
“It is also the first time we have had this level of data on Irish driving. Throughout the programme we have given drivers their own data, which has helped them see where they can improve their driving and road safety. The only people who see the individual drivers’ data are the driver and No Nonsense.”
No Nonsense have revealed that the data gathered proves female drivers are less likely to take unnecessary risks and therefore are safer.
The safest women on the road tend to work in technology, with 72% passing the No Nonsense safe test. Male teachers are the safest men with 71% being considered safe.