Is this the coolest pensioner in the world?

Is this the coolest pensioner in the world?

If you’ve got it, you’ve got it! This fella shows people a quarter of his age how to put on a show to impress.

The elderly gentleman is on the dance floor of what looks to be some sort of family function when he gets caught by the beat of the music.

Is this the coolest pensioner in the world?

He throws down his walking sticks and lets his natural rhythm take over with the sort of confidence and style that most of us can only dream of. Before long he has attracted the attention of a woman who comes over to join him and he continues to impress her with his moves.

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The couple take over the show as the other guests begin to take notice of this master at work. Within a minute, another young lady is taken with the old charmer, and joins him for a dance.

Fortunately someone recorded the brilliant performance and posted it on YouTube.

Dance like no-one is watching? Dance like this guy!

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