Is this how Irish dancing really started?

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  1. Noel Clements says:

    My Grand Aunty was one of Irelands best know Irish Dance Teachers, Lily Comerfort and my Mum Bridie Clements (Jesson) followed on after her death. Mum passed away in 1995 but non of my sisters carried on. Lily designed a special dance for the opening of RTE Television based on the St. Bridgets Cross.

  2. judy toner cohn says:

    I now have proof that I’m Irish! I always do a little jig if I have to wait.

  3. Robert Ryan says:

    I thought maybe it started as a ritual snake removal ceremony before Saint Paddy ran them out.

  4. Bob beadnell says:

    Nearly peed me self laffing lol

  5. dawn howard says:

    love the dancing, , it was quite humorous

  6. michael kennedy says:

    Very funny video really enjoyed that great laugh.

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