Is this how Irish dancing really started?

Is this how Irish dancing really started?

A group of Irish dance performers have choreographed a unique routine to demonstrate their theory on how Irish dancing really started.

Is this how Irish dancing really started?

Irish dancing has become a hugely popular pastime in countries all over the world ever since Michael Flatley and his Riverdance team put on their spectacular show at Eurovision 1994.

Now there are Irish dance classes in nearly every major city in the world, and professional dance groups regularly perform to packed out audiences in some of the world’s top venues.

The Riverdance performance in 1994 may have brought Irish dancing back into the mainstream, but of course the art of Irish dance had been around a long time before then.

Its exact origins are not well documented, but one group have their own theories on how the dancing technique came about.

Take a look at the video below, which is both entertaining and comical, and adds some great humour to an already impressive dancing display.

We won’t ruin the joke for you, because you have to watch the video to get the full effect, but it’s fair that at some point we have been left in a similar situation to the main performer, and know how he feels!

Take a look at the video below. You might have to log into Facebook for it to load.

This is the way the Irish dance have started

Posted by Nurit Kopolovich-hadad on Saturday, September 5, 2015

Irish dancing is one of the key elements of Irish culture and history. There have been countless videos created and posted online in the past few years to showcase the custom to the world. Many performers have added their own unique twist to the traditional dance to make their video stand out.

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