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Is the Irish accent losing its charm?

This might not be the news we really wanted to hear just before Valentine’s Day. Could it be that the Irish are becoming less sexy?

Well that could be the case according to a survey by Time Out magazine – and to make matters worse it is our neighbours from across the Irish Sea who have overtaken us!

Irish accent drops to third sexiest in the world

The magazine, which helps people all over the world make the most of their city, quizzed over 11,000 people as part of its Global Dating survey.

The respondents were asked many different questions but the one we were most interested in was, of course, who has the most attractive accent.

The Irish have good reason to feel confident about their accents. Recently a poll of 5,000 women voted the Irish accent as the sexiest in the world – ahead of the French and Italians!

So we were slightly disappointed with the results of the Time Out survey. While the Irish were still ahead of the French and Italians, we had fallen behind both the British and Americans into third place.

Surely we need a recount?

Elsewhere in the survey, Paris was voted as the best city to go on a date. The Australians surprised us a little by stepping away from the BBQ loving stereotype and providing not one, but two, of the most romantic cities in the world – Melbourne and Sydney.

Unfortunately the Irish would have to hop on a plane to get to one of the top ten romantic cities, with London being the closest. The Americans had three cities in the top ten – Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

It’s not all good news for New Yorkers as 45% of the city’s respondents said they were sad to be single.

Check out the Time Out website for more results from the survey.

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