Is Spiderman fighting crime in Dublin?

A video of Spiderman fighting another man in Dublin has been posted onto YouTube and is attracting huge media attention.

Spiderman fights crime in Dublin
The video shows a man dressed as the comic book super hero wrestling and restraining his opponent on Dublin’s St Anne’s Street.
Spiderman is a regular street performer and busker in Dublin city centre, but what did this man do to upset him?
The sound quality on the video is poor, and offers no clues to the cause of the scuffle.
Spiderman appears to be preventing the other man from leaving the area. His actions are not those of aggression, but of restraint. Could he have witnessed a crime and is taking action to stop the perpetrator fleeing the scene?
Spiderman’s opponent is the bigger man and although he is the aggressor of the two, he doesn’t seem too determined to get out of there.
Or maybe the whole performance was set up in order to entertain the people of Dublin on a busy Tuesday afternoon?
The fight was eventually broken up by passers-by, although it seemed to have run its course anyway. Gardaí arrived and both men were arrested for public order offences. They have both since been released pending further investigations.
Watch the video below and decide for yourself what is going on.