Irishmen considered ugliest in the world

The Republic of Ireland has been named as the country with the second least attractive men in the world by a leading dating website.

The announcement comes from website, which generated the results by asking the members of the site to rate new applicants based on their looks.

When a new applicant wants to join they must upload a photograph of themselves for other members to view.

The photograph is then shown to members of the opposite sex who have already passed the test to become members of the site.

Website results don’t look pretty for the Irish

If enough members deem the photograph to be unattractive then the applicant will not be allowed to join the site. Less than 10% of Irish men made the cut!

In a bad result for the Irish it turns out that the only country who had more men rejected than the Republic of Ireland was… er… Northern Ireland. A staggering 94% of Northern Irish men were turned down by the female members of the site.

Spokeswoman for the site, Miki Haines-Sanger told the Irish Times: “It’s kind of like an X-Factor of beauty and it’s very addictive when you have the choice of pressing the green or red button when judging newcomers and whether they are sufficiently suitable for the site.”

Maybe Irishmen are not so vain

It could just be that the Irish men don’t take the photograph as seriously as men from other countries and they prefer having fun than looking good.

Greg Hodge, who runs the website: “Often it’s a photo of them inside the pub with a pint, whereas a Brazilian man will go to great efforts and make sure he looks tanned and toned.”

Well, of course, are entitled to their opinion but they’ve obviously been looking in the wrong places. What about Colin Farrell, Pierce Brosnan and Ronan Keating?