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Irishman’s storytelling card trick has millions asking: “How does he do that?”

An Irishman performed a magic trick in his local pub that had his friends in hysterics, and has now attracted millions more views online with everybody asking: “How does he do that?”

Dave Duggan of Co Cork gathered his friends around the pool table to tell them a story using a pack of cards.
Irishman's storytelling card trick has millions asking How does he do that?
He tells them about a night out he had, and he uses the entire deck to illustrate each point of the story.

We know the Irish are famous for being great storytellers but Dave takes it to a whole new level.

His unbelievable card skills are complimented by his natural charm leaving his audience hanging on his every word and marvelling as the story unfolds.

The trick has been performed before, by Australian magician James Galea on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

However, we are still giving full credit to Dave for his performance, especially as it looks like he had sank a few pints beforehand.

The performance was uploaded on to Facebook by his friend Kieran Doherty and has made Dave an overnight star.

Watch the entertaining performance below. If the video won’t play for you, log in to Facebook and then you should be able to view it. See if you can tell how he does it.

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  1. Fran Grimes

    That was done in Ennis in May this year. All Ireland Festival of Pool.

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