Irishman hits back at trolls for 'ditch digger' jibes

Irishman hits back at trolls for 'ditch digger' jibes

The Irishman who urged the government to accept the Apple tax money in an online rant has hit back at trolls who attacked him and called him a ‘ditch digger’.
James Conway took to the internet again to hit back at the haters and to tell them “I am entitled to my opinion, every man woman and child in Ireland is born equal”.
Irishman hits back at trolls for 'ditch digger' jibes
Conway created a huge stir online with his video voicing the opinions of the common man in Ireland and urging the government to take the €13bn owed to them by Apple and use it to boost the economy. It was viewed more than a million times.
However, although Conway received plenty of praise for speaking out, he also received plenty of criticism. It seems there was a group insulting him for his supposed lack of intelligence and education, with the term ‘ditch digger’ being used to describe him.
Conway has struck back with a new video pointing out that whoever he is, and whatever he knows, he is entitled to his opinion as is everyone.
He says that the people insulting him will get up in their houses and wash their teeth and go to the toilet and turn on their electric lights, all of which were brought into the house by someone like him.
He then adds that no-one has the right to feel they are superior to anyone else, and that all people are born equal.
It is a powerful message from Conway, and has only proven further his eloquence, intelligence and dignity.
Take a look for yourself below.

If you missed Conway’s video about the Apple tax money then see it here.

Written by Andrew Moore