Irishman creates sports themed Irish pub in his home thanks to US TV show

Irish sports fan appears on American TV and turns his basement into an Irish pub

An Irish sports fan who lives in the US has created a getaway paradise in his own home that will be the envy of men all over the world.

Donal O’Cathain is a huge fan of the Irish sport of hurling. However, since he left home for the States he has found it difficult to follow his sporting heroes.
He came across the American TV show Man Caves – which helps men to convert a room in their house into their own perfect hideaway.
Irish sports fan appears on American TV and turns his basement into an Irish pub
Donal had a spare room in his basement that had been set up as a playroom for his kids. However, when he realised that they preferred to play upstairs he started to get other ideas about what he could do with the room.
Donal told the TV hosts – Tony Siragusa and Jason Cameron – that he was really proud of his Co Cork heritage and wanted his man cave to reflect where he was from. In his case this meant turning it into a GAA themed Irish pub.
Man Caves brought in a construction crew to help make Donal’s dream a reality. However, many didn’t fully understand what was going on.
They had difficulty understanding Donal’s strong Cork accent and found it even harder to grasp the game of hurling.
One of the hosts said: “I don’t understand a word he [Donny] says. It’s like the commercials on TV where they try to fit 400 words into ten seconds, that’s what he sounds like.
“He talks very fast but all the other people that he brought around here from his hometown in Cork, Ireland understand him. When they communicate and it sounds like a bunch of aliens from another planet.
“And I have no idea how hurling works.”
In a bid to help the crew appreciate the sport, Donal decided it would be a good idea to take a bit of time out from the building work and took them to his local club for a quick game.
Take a look at the video below.