Irishman living in China posts message of hope and guidance for people back home

coronavirus Ireland

An Irishman who lives and works in China has posted a message of hope to people back home in Ireland.

Mark Murray lives in the Jilin Province in China, which is roughly the size of Ireland – but has 23 million people.

He offered guidance to anyone worried by the spread of the virus in his post to the Corona Virus Updates Ireland Facebook page.

coronavirus Ireland


“I live in Jilin Province in China. About the same size as Ireland but with a population of 23 million people.

“This time last month, February 12th, we had 93 cases. One elderly man died, 91 have recovered and now we only have one case being treated in a hospital.

“The lockdown for me personally was:

“Just going out to a public place if really needed. (Like local supermarket)

“Wearing a facemask and gloves when in an indoor public place. (I just used normal woolly winter gloves)

“Washing hands immediately after being outside. (Just normal soap and water. I haven’t bought any sanitizer since the lockdown)

“Nobody over here stock piled anything. I don’t even understand why this has become a thing. We didn’t run out if anything in the shops. (You really are just washing your hands like you normally would)

“Temperature checks are done by staff before entering any indoor public places, like malls, shops, restaurants. (Some took your number, to contact you if anyone that had been there tests positive and you can self isolate at home.)

“Staying in most of the time. It’s boring for sure. But probably the fastest way to beat this thing and have it over with, is to avoid public places, especially indoors, unless really needed.

“That’s about it. I’ve never felt the need to panic. Binge watch your TV shows. Start trying different dishes to cook. Start a little project for yourself at home. Use this time at home to do something you wouldn’t normally have time for.

“They’ve said, as of now, 2 weeks lockdown in Ireland. Don’t fight it, there is nothing to be fighting about. The more you ignore it, the longer it will take to stop spreading. In turn, lengthening the lockdown. So just follow what is being said from the reputable sources, be smart, DON’T PANIC and it will be gone in no time. Stay safe Ireland!”