Irish women ‘are pretty but the men are ugly’

It’s good news for Irish women but the men have a lot of catching up to do if figures from the dating site are to be believed.

The site has ranked Irish women among the most attractive in the world, whereas the men were among the ugliest.


The highly picky dating site only features people it considers good looking enough to meet its high standards. This year, Irish women made it into the top ten for the first time. One in four of them were considered attractive enough to appear on the site.

However, only one in nine men made the grade, putting them third from bottom in the league table of attractiveness. One consolation is that at least they’ve moved up two places. They were bottom when the same poll was conducted in 2011.

They may also take some comfort from the fact that despite their poor performance, they were still ahead of the English and the Polish, who occupied the bottom two places.

Swedish men were considered the most handsome, followed by Brazil and then Denmark.

Like their male counterparts, Scandinavian women also dominated the top spots. The Norwegians came top, followed closely by Sweden and Iceland.

Greg Hodge, who runs said: “Irish women have had the biggest move up the rankings, going from 14th place at 19% accepted in 2011 to a very impressive tenth place, at 23%, last year.

He added: “Although Irish men are still represented as the third ugliest country in the world for men, the fact that they come in above their English counterparts does offer a small consolation.”

Well, beating the English may dull the pain a little, but it still means Irishmen have a lot of work to do to match their ‘beautiful’ sisters.

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