Irish women are getting more beautiful – but not the men

Irish women are getting more beautiful – but not the men

Irish women have never been more beautiful, according to a recent survey – but its bad news for the guys who have been voted the ugliest in the world.
The survey was carried out by elite dating site, who have used their membership system to determine which was the most attractive nationality in the world.

People who want to join have to be accepted by the existing members – who judge applicants on their looks.

Nearly a third of Irish women (29%) were accepted onto the site, which was an improvement on last year (23%) and 2015 when just 25% were chosen.
This improvement has seen Irish women overtake women from Italy, Russia and Spain in the attractiveness stakes.
Unfortunately, the news isn’t so good for Irish men. They have been ranked joint bottom alongside their British and Polish counterparts.
Only 9% of Irishmen were accepted to join the dating site.
Greg Hodge, MD of, said: “Amazingly, Irish women continue to move up the beauty rankings and Ireland is now the eighth most beautiful country worldwide for women.
“Unfortunately, however, Irish men are yet again pulling their country down overall. Ireland shares the dubious honour, alongside the UK and Poland, of having the least-attractive male inhabitants.”
Hodge says that Irish men are not putting enough effort into their profile photos and said that women are just not interested in their lifestyles, even suggesting that women are more interested in the man’s money than the man.
He said: “A selfie shot at the pub, pint in hand, does not go down well with women. Men are just not selling themselves, they are selling a lifestyle. A polished image showing an interesting lifestyle would greatly improve their acceptance rate.
“Lifestyle and money strongly factor into women’s perception of beauty. If Irish men are lacking aesthetically, they should promote an image that exudes money and a jet-set lifestyle. Women are known to forgive a rough appearance, if accompanied with money and security.”
When breaking down the Irish success stories it was revealed that Dublin has the most attractive inhabitants, followed by Cork, Galway, Belfast and Limerick.
Female success rates country by country:
1. Norway – 71%
2. Sweden – 62%
3. Iceland – 61%
4. Brazil – 45%
5. Argentina – 43%
6. USA – 36%
7. France – 35%
8. Ireland – 29%
9. Canada – 26%
10. Italy – 23%
Male success rates country by country:
1. Sweden – 60%
2. Brazil – 41%
3. Denmark – 40%
4. Italy – 37%
5. Portugal – 35%
6. Argentina – 32%
7. Norway – 27%
8. Spain – 25%
9. USA – 24%
10. Canada – 23%

21. Ireland – 9%

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling