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Irish woman plays hoax caller at his own game

A Dublin woman played a hoax caller at his own game by keeping him on the phone for several minutes and stringing him along as he tried to gain access to her computer.

Dee Boshell received the call on her home phone with the caller explaining he could help her make her computer run more efficiently.

Irish woman plays hoax caller at his own game

These hoax callers attempt to gain access to people’s home computers so that they can copy sensitive data such as bank details and account logins.

However, this hoax caller got more than he had bargained for.

Dee quickly realised that the call was a scam attempt, but instead of simply hanging up, she donned a funny voice and allowed the conman to talk her through instructions of what she ‘needed to do’.

Unfortunately for the caller, Dee was confused by each instruction she was given and needed everything explained to her several times.

She also had an ever-changing accent which seemed to travel around the world as the call continued.

Eventually, Dee showed her cards and gave the caller no doubt of what she thought of him and his attempt to scam her.

The two exchanged unpleasantries before the call was ended.

The unusual conversation was recorded by Dee on her mobile phone, and she sent the video in to the Irish Mirror.

She said: “I hate these people who scam vulnerable people over the phone. My landline rang and when I realised what it was about I just grabbed my mobile phone to record it.

She added: “I wish I’d known the call was coming so I could have had a better go at it instead of trying to think on my feet, hope it helps other people.”

You can take a look at the video below. Be warned, the final few moments do contain some bad language.

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