Irish woman divides Twitter with handy ice cube hack

Ice cubes

An Irish woman has shared a helpful tip on social media on how to store shop bought ice cubes and became a Twitter sensation in the process.

The user -named Michelle – was surprised to discover that her flatmate was unaware that the ice could be shaken and saved in a bag.

Michelle’s video went viral, and after being viewed tens of thousands of times it received a mixed reaction from the Twittersphere.

Ice cubes

She initially said: “You know you’re meant to shake out the ice so it becomes its own bag right??? Because I just did this in front of my flatmates and she’s in shock.”

She then followed up with a video to demonstrate what she meant.

After the post spread across Twitter, users were divided between the surprised and the unimpressed.

One user said: “I’ve been spitting small bits of blue plastic bag out of my gin and tonic for the last 10 years.”

Another said: “Oh my god I feel so dumb.”

A third added: “This is a revelation!!! Here I’ve been twisting the plastic like a madman hoping they won’t fly out of my hands.”

One user was extremely impressed, saying: “You just posted the tweet of the century.”

Other users were more difficult to win over.

One person tweeted: “The instructions are on the box hahaha.”

Another said: “This is brand new information.”

The more environmentally conscious users warned about buying ice cubes from the store at all.

One tweeted: “Your flatmates way uses less plastic. A reusable ice tray uses even less, and will save you money in the long run.”

Another said: “You know there are reusable ice containers, right?”

A third added: “Whoah!!!! I thought you popped them out individually. They’re plastic once-use bags though so please just buy a reusable tray!”

It wasn’t Michelle’s only handy ice cube-related tip.

She added: “While we’re on the subject of ice: Some people fill the tray with water from tap then walk to freezer and spill half.

“You leave the trays in the freezer and fill them with a water bottle.”

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcallingJoin our community