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Irish woman hopes to repay favour and return ring

An Irish woman is hoping that she can repay the people of Dublin after a remarkable chain of events saw her reunited with a cherished possession.

The wedding ring of Suzanne D’Arcy’s late husband went missing after her son lost it on a night out.

She told the Irish Independent: “I lost my lovely husband Shay two years ago. He was such a great and lovely man and such an important part of our lives.

Dublin woman looking for the owner of this ring - after remarkable chain of events

“I gave my son Darren my husband’s wedding ring so he could have a piece of him and I had a jewellers put a little loop on the ring so he could wear it around his neck.

Suzanne D’Arcy and her husband's wedding rings
The wedding ring of Suzanne D’Arcy’s late husband was returned to her after it had been lost

“Unfortunately, Darren lost it on a night out last April and we were so upset. He came in and said ‘Mom you’re going to kill me. I lost the ring.’ I was so upset. I really was devastated to lose it and I thought we’d never see it again.”

However, things were soon to start looking up. Suzanne’s sister Sarah was considering running a marathon and spent some time on the Marlay Park Facebook page for runners.

While on the page Sarah saw a post stating that a man’s wedding ring had been found and they were looking for the owner.

Suzanne continued: “We got in touch with the person – such an honest and lovely person. She asked me if there was anything distinctive about the ring and the penny dropped that I had placed the loop on the ring. It ended up being my husband’s wedding ring and I was so thrilled to have found it.”

Now, as chance would have it, Suzanne is on the other side of the situation. She has found a ring and is hoping to find the owner and ensure its safe return.

She found it in Nutgrove Shopping Centre car park in Rathfarnham.

She said: “It is quite an old-fashioned gold ring and quite chunky. I hope that the owner of this ring will get to experience the same joy I did when that woman found my ring.”

If you think you may be able to help please drop Sarah an email briertonsarah@gmail.com

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