Adorable Irish toddler performs Irish dance at a funeral

Toddler Irish dances at funeral

An adorable Irish toddler delighted her family members when she danced an Irish jig at a funeral.

She seemed for too good for a two-year-old and could possibly be a star in the making in years to come.

Toddler Irish dances at funeral

The video was taken in a hotel following a funeral and went viral having been seen over 1.5m times.

It shows the little cutie get on to the stage with a female relative and the two started to perform an Irish dance.

It soon became apparent that the youngster was going to be the star of the show. She was a real frontwoman, stepping, kicking and clapping – and making sure her audience clapped along.

Halfway through, the girl’s grown up relative takes a step back and lets the toddler take the stage and receive the full attention.

The youngster took a bow at the end and got a big cheer from the audience.

Members of her family could be seen in the mirror behind the two dancers, loving every minute.

It’s easy to see why.

Take a look at the video below.

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