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Irish teenager’s beautiful rendition of ‘O Holy Night’ for charity

Irish teenager Hannah Roddy has performed a haunting rendition of the song ‘O Holy Night’ for the children’s cancer charity Aoibheann’s Pink Tie (APT).

Hannah is a passionate supporter of the charity which was set up by Jimmy Norman after his daughter Aoibheann Norman passed away.

Jimmy told the Irish Independent: “When she died, I asked all the men in the church to wear pink ties… when I was coming down the aisle behind her coffin, I was very moved to see all the pink ties.”

Hannah Roddy - Irish teenager’s haunting version of ‘O Holy Night’ to raise money for children’s cancer charity

The charity provides financial support to parents of children who have been diagnosed with cancer and has a number of initiatives designed to give the children a better quality of life.

They are working on a ‘dream with Aoibheann’ pillow which is fitted with an mp3 player and a phone.

It will enable children who are too weak to lift themselves up to speak to their parents while lying on the pillow.

APT also imports dry suits from England for children going through chemo. Chemo patients have a ‘Hickman line’ on their chest which mustn’t get wet. The suits allow the children to shower and even swim.

The charity is now set to run a radio campaign, which will feature Hannah’s song.

Hannah has often sung at APT events. Jimmy said: “We have two big parties for children every year in Dunboyne Castle… and a Pink Tie Ball in April.”

They decided not to release Hannah’s song as a charity single as it is so difficult to sell music around Christmas.

Instead they hope that the song appearing on the advert will encourage people to find the video on the APT Facebook page.

They hope this will help to raise awareness of the charity.

Jimmy said: “On average 2-4 children will be diagnosed a week with cancer…. the more awareness there is (of the charity), the more we can help.”

Take a look at the video below.

Here is another video from Hannah, this time with a beautiful version of the festive favourite Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

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  1. Eileen flood

    Beautifully sung and very enjoyable hope you get lots of help with your very worthy charity

  2. Tom Allen

    Don’t forget the pianist who seems equally young and talented.

  3. Maureen Wilsey

    Absolutely beautiful!

  4. Angelic a true earth angel~~~

  5. Bridie Costello

    Hauntingly beautiful

  6. Eileen Day

    A gift from God .Wonderful brought tears to my eyes

  7. Ron Norton

    A beautiful presentation of a Christmas classic by the voice of an angel. Inspiring.

  8. Orlaith Daffy

    What a wonderful voice, just beautiful!

  9. Christy dunne

    What a Fabulous voice.And for a Brilliant cause.

  10. I am Aoibheann’s Father, co founder of Aoibheann’s Pink Tie I wish to thank Hannah Roddy for singing to raise awareness of childhood cancer and our charity Aoibheann’s Pink Tie.
    Thank you to Ireland calling for posting and to all the readers for the wonderful comments.

  11. Sandra White

    simply beautiful!

  12. MarDee

    She has a beautiful voice — far more mature than her age.
    Well done — other than the few times tried to get “fancy” with it.

  13. Janet Cullum

    beautiful voice and the piano player is great too

  14. Sandra Finnegan

    Voice of an Angel

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