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Irish teenager sings on a tractor and becomes an internet hit

A video of an Irish girl singing her heart out while sitting at the wheel of a tractor has gone viral.

Leanne Rowlette was driving the tractor around her family farm in Dromore and listening to the country music classic ‘Go Lassie Go’.

She was clearly a fan of the song as she belted it out as the track was playing – and showed off a stunning voice in the process.

Irish girl Leanne Rowlette sings Go Lassie Go

Little did she know that her father Sean had set up a camera to record her singing along.

Sean uploaded the video to his social media page, expecting it to be enjoyed by a few friends and family members. However, it went ballistic and turned Leanne into an internet sensation.

The video was even taken up by Ireland’s national media.

Sean told the Irish Mirror: “I put it up just for the craic on my own Facebook page, and sure it went all over the place. She just loves singing and she can’t believe the reaction to the video.”

Take a look at the video below.

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