Irish politician issues apology to Santa Claus

Image copyright - Jonathan G Meath.CC2.5Irish politician Jim Daly has issues a statement apologising to Santa Claus, after foolishly questioning his existence during a heated debate in the Dáil.

Daly mocked a proposal on the Anglo bond repayments from his rivals, saying it was comparable to a wish list sent to Santa.

He said: “Dear Santa, how are you? I am sorry that the day ever came when it dawned on me that Santa did not exist, because I would love to send the motion off to him.”

The Irish public reacted angrily to the comment, with the potential of children being upset just before Christmas.

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‘Santa sees all – even Dáil debates’

The comment was quickly retracted by Daly, who issued the following statement:
“I wish to withdraw my comment from the record of the house about my belief in Santa Claus. I apologize unreservedly to Santa and look forward to being back on his good boy list in time for Christmas. I trust Santa will understand that sometimes in the heat of political debate we say things we regret.”

The Irish government distanced itself from Daly’s remark, and stated their position saying: “Everybody knows Santa sees all – even Dáil debates.”

Santa will of course realise that Daly made a mistake and said something he shouldn’t have done.

Daly will be hoping that if he’s a very good boy from now on then he might still get a visit from Old St Nick this Christmas.