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Two Irish police officers burst into song to celebrate elderly resident’s birthday

A couple of gardai took a short break from fighting crime to serenade a pensioner on his birthday. The carousing coppers, Inspector McPolin and Sergeant O’Shea, are based in the Mayfield areas of Co Cork.

Guardai sing for man's birthday

When they heard a local resident was having to celebrate his 69th birthday in lockdown they decided to cheer him up. And what better than a traditional Cork song, ‘Mount Massey the Flower of Macroom.’ Of course, the officers didn’t have time for the full 12 verses but the first one and a chorus were enough to cheer up local residents.

The Cork Garda Information Office highlighted the impromptu performance on social media as a great example of community policing in these difficult times. And with people having to self-isolate in their homes for so long, anything that raises a smile is more than welcome.

Here are the boys in action.

With U2’s Bono having just celebrated his 60th birthday and maybe thinking of slowing down a bit, who knows, there may be room for a new Irish act to burst on to the scene.

For now though, the duetting duo are back on the beat helping to keep the city safe and reassure residents during the Covid-19 outbreak.

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