Irish people try traditional Irish foods

Irish people try eating traditional Irish food

When people across the world think about Irish food the first meals that often spring to mind are staples like cabbage and bacon, Boxty, Irish stew or Dublin Coddle.

While meals like this have been classic Irish meals throughout the ages – and are still enjoyed by many today – times move on and some traditional meals are less familiar to today’s generation.
People today are likely to be more interested in going out for a pizza, burger or curry than tuck into the Irish food of yesteryear as cuisines from all over the world are readily available in every town centre.
Irish people try eating traditional Irish food
As the Irish are an adventurous lot, it is no surprise that they have taken to the great foods of Italy, India, France, Mexico, China and more to such an extent that many have forgotten about their own culinary heritage.
This video from YouTube channel Facts shows a group of young Irish adults trying the foods that the rest of world still thinks they eat.
They start off simply enough – with a sugary bowl of Lucky Charms cereal. The Irish people in the video seem to like the cereal but aren’t too sure about the cartoon leprechaun juggling marshmallows on the box.
They then move onto the classic Irish meals such as corned beef and cabbage. This time they aren’t so impressed. One says: “It looks like dog food.”
They try other foods such as Colcannon, Haggis (which is actually Scottish), Crubeen (this went down particularly badly).
At one point one of the guys says: “And Americans think we eat this? … yeah they’re right.”
As a reward at the end they were given one Irish tradition that nobody would turn their nose up at – they’d earned it.
Take a look at the video below.