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Irish people translate ‘rude’ German words

The Irish have had a good laugh over the years at people from overseas trying to pronounce Irish words…well now the tables are turned.

A hilarious new video from the YouTube channel Facts puts Irish people in the spotlight as the try to pronounce German words.
Not any German words either – just to add an extra element of silliness to the proceedings the words all seemed a little rude to English speakers at first glance. By the end of the video the Irish were struggling to contain their laughter.
Irish people translate 'rude' looking German words
For example the first phrase – Gute Fahrte – as we all know means ‘have a safe journey’. However, the people questioned seemed to get the wrong end of the stick.
This continued throughout the video as the words appeared to become more and more risqué. The Irish people in front of the camera started to giggle more with each word, as they decided whether or not to say what had sprung to mind.
Some were even too coy to say the rude word that had been planted in their minds.
Of course they were perfectly innocent when translated into German.
Take a look at the video below

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