Are Irish people becoming too addicted to their smartphones?

woman looking at her smartphone

Irish people pick up their smartphones at least three times every waking hour, according to the latest research.

The survey – Mobile Consumer Survey 2019 – was carried out by consultancy organisation Deloitte and shows that the average person in Ireland checks their phone 50 times a day.

Women check their device slightly more often than men, with ladies checking an average of 56 times per day, compared with 46 for fellas.

woman looking at her smartphone

While our phones clearly occupy a huge amount of our thoughts, the figures actually show a decline from the previous year when we checked our phones an average of 55 times per day.

One in 25 people admitted to checking their phone every five minutes – or 200 times per day!

Over half of the people who took part said they thought they were looking at their phones too often and 29% said it was having a negative effect on their concentration levels.

WhatsApp was the most popular reason for checking phones, with 85% saying the are looking for notifications from the app.

This is followed by checking work emails (72%) and making a phone call (60%).

Over a quarter of people use their phones to stream a movie or TV show at least once a week and 21% said they want to switch to 5G as soon as it becomes available.

Only 4% of people in Ireland don’t have a mobile phone. The vast majority of those that do have a smart phone (91%).

The most popular brand is Samsung, with 34% of users owning one of the company’s models. Samsung is followed by Apple (30%) and Huawei (14%).