Irish people name the city they find most embarrassing


Irish people have voted for the part of the country which makes them the most embarrassed.

It is part of an international survey by Atlasova World, who asked people across Europe which city they felt their country should feel ashamed about.

Of course, its just a bit of fun and every part of Ireland has great places to see. However, readers from Dundalk may not wish to continue reading.

The Co Lough city was not popular among the rest of the country.

In fairness, one of the main complaints the Irish public seemed to have about Dundalk was that it seems too small to be considered a city.

One person on the Reddit thread asked: “Since when is Dundalk a city?”

Another commenter answered: “Ireland only has two places with a population above 100k. A quarter of the country lives in Dublin, so a popularity poll isn’t going to say them, and saying Cork is the worst city is going to start a fight.

“So instead, we have to count dinky little towns instead. So Dundalk, with a population of 40,000, gets the vote.”

Some people tried to suggest other cities such as Limerick or Cork.

One person reasoned: “Saying Cork is the worst city would have the Corkonians trying to secede… Again.

“If we’re including towns, definitely Dundalk. But for a city, Limerick all the way. Only redeeming feature is Thomond Park.”

Some people liked Dundalk and just seemed sad it had been selected at all.

One person said: “My dad is from Dundalk. I grew up visiting my grandparents there every summer. It certainly wasn’t the best place in Ireland but I would love to know why it made this list?”

Dundalk natives can console themselves with the knowledge that they are in some pretty good company.

Elsewhere in Europe wonderful cities such as Athens, Madrid, Naples, Lisbon and Marseille were also singled out by their country men and women as the most embarrasing city in their respective countries.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcallingJoin our community