Irish people are quizzed – about Ireland

Video - Irish people are quizzed - about Ireland

We all love a good pub quiz, and here is one with a twist as Irish people are quizzed…about Ireland.
The comedy team at Facts has produced another video for YouTube, this time a pub quiz between three Irish teams.
They are asked questions solely to do with Ireland, so you think it would be fairly easy for them, until you hear the questions.
Video - Irish people are quizzed - about Ireland
The opening question was How long is the Guinness lease at the St James Gate Brewery? The only team to get the correct answer was ‘The Scallywags’, leaving the members of the other two teams – ‘The Shighting Irish’ and ‘Abrakebabra’ – to face the forfeit of a wrong answer; drink a shot of Mickey Finns, an apple whiskey liquor.
The questions don’t get any easier and by question ten all three teams are beginning to struggle to stay focussed.
It all makes for great entertainment and also reveals a few interesting facts about Irish people and their behaviour. Like what they like to smuggle in their suitcase when they go on holiday and what they do in a crisis.
Watch the video below, and feel free to play along, but go easy on the shots!