Irish musician plays Michael Jackson’s Thriller using nine fiddles

Great video - Irish musician Niall Murphy plays Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ using nine fiddles

An Irish musician has recorded a video of himself playing one of Michael Jackson’s biggest hits as you’ve never heard it before.

Niall Murphy played classic 80s song Thriller on the fiddle and it sounds fantastic.
He used the Acapella app to record himself playing NINE different parts before fusing them all together to create the finished video.
Great video - Irish musician Niall Murphy plays Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ using nine fiddles
Murphy is a veteran on the trad scene and has performed for 17 years. He is also no stranger to branching out into other areas of music and has often played different styles such as bluegrass, country, and pop.
He has previously toured with legendary bluegrass musician Dan Tyminski who inspired him to try out different techniques.
Murphy said: “Michael Jackson is one of my favourite singers and arrangers.
“Before starting to record, I arranged the piece for nine fiddles. Some tracks are melody, some are plucked bass lines, some are replicating the brass section and using a fiddle technique called ‘the chop’ I replicated the percussion sound.
“When it all played together I was surprised at the outcome. It mightn’t be exactly like his own version but the idea is there I think, I hope!”
Murphy is keen to show people that the fiddle is a versatile instrument and this latest video does a great job of doing just that.
For more information check out Niall Murphy’s Facebook page.
Murphy has performed with several top Irish artists and is currently a member of Cara Dillon’s live band. He also performs with his own band Breaking Trad.
Take a look at the video below.