Irish mother's tears as soldier son returns

Irish mother's tears as soldier son returns

An Irish mother was given a heart-warming surprise when her marine sergeant son walked into her workplace to see her for the first time in 2 years.
Paula Riggs was teaching her third grade class at her school in Pasco County, Florida.Irish mother's tears as soldier son returns
She was telling them about a traditional Irish song called Too La Roo La when another voice off camera can be heard saying: “Well, let me see. I think we have someone who might remember that.”
Then Paul Riggs walks into the classroom in his full military uniform to spark cheers and applause from all the children, and tears of joy from his mother Paula.
The two share an emotional embrace, and Paul gives his mammy a kiss and a cuddle. A tearful Paula grabs hold of her son and says: “Let me look at you, oh my God, my hero!”
The video has been viewed thousands of times online, and is sure to pull on the heart strings of parents and children everywhere.