Irish men not romantic say Irish women

Irish women say Irish men are not romantic

A recent survey has revealed that 80% of Irish women feel that Irish men are not as romantic as their continental cousins.

The survey, from Irish jobsite, showed that only a third of the respondents believed Valentine’s Day was a romantic occasion. Several respondents (27%) said the day was overrated and 37% believe it is simply a money spinner.Irish women say Irish men are not romantic
The majority of Irish men (62%) spend less than €40 on their partner to celebrate the day. However, almost 10% spend over €100 on a Valentine’s Day gift. Nearly a quarter of men (24%) could well be in trouble as they forget to do anything at all for their partner.

Elsewhere, the survey revealed that 23% of Irish workers have had an “intimate encounter” at work.

More than half (54%) of office relationships developed into a long-term relationship, while only 16% of respondents said it affected their work. Only 24% of people thought that the boss had a right to know what was going on in employee’s romantic lives.

The Irish have stepped up a gear when it comes to online flirting, according to the survey. Last year 15% of people said they had flirted with a colleague online – the figure has jumped to 24%
And there’s more bad news for Irishmen. Another survey suggests that the Irish were no longer considered to have the most attractive accent.

It’s not all bad though, because at least Irish women beleive that the most important thing is a bit of tender loving care.