Irish men named as sexiest in the world

Irish men named as sexiest in the world. Jamie Dornan. Picture Copyright - Stemoc CC2

Irish men have been named as the sexiest in the world after a poll of more than 100,000 Americans by dating website MissTravel.

The rise of stars such as Michael Fassbender and Jamie Dornan in recent years has re-affirmed the position of Irish men as some of the hottest in Hollywood.

Particularly Dornan, in his steamy role as the title character in the much anticipated film 50 Shades of Grey.

Irish men named as sexiest in the world. Jamie Dornan. Picture Copyright - Stemoc CC2

Fassbender and Dornan have taken over the mantle as the top Irish heartthrobs in Hollywood, from previous leading men such as Colin Farrell and Cillian Murphy, and even before them the likes of Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan.

MissTravel is a destination dating website, which tries to put people together for romantic breaks and adventure holidays.

Sexiest nationalities for men

1. Irish
2. Australian
3. Pakistani
4. American
5. English
6. Scottish
7. Italian
8. Nigerian
9. Danish
10. Spanish

They surveyed 110,000 Americans about which nation they thought produced the sexiest men and women. Irish men rose from a respectable 7th place in last year’s survey to claim the number one spot, leap-frogging their neighbours from England and Scotland along the way.

Unfortunately, Irish women are still not getting the same admiring glances from the world as for the second year running they failed to claim a place in the top ten sexiest nations.

Sexiest nationalities for women

1. Armenian
2. Barbadian/Bajan
3. American
4. Colombian
5. English
6. Australian
7. Brazilian
8. Filipina
9. Bulgarian
10. Lebanese

That list was topped by Armenia, the ancestral home of socialite and glamour queen Kim Kardashian. Rihanna’s home country Barbados was named in second place, with America, Colombian and England making up the top five.

The news may offer Irish men a welcome ego-boost, but be warned that these surveys are purely objectionable, and results can vary greatly.

For example, a similar survey carried out by named Irish women amongst the prettiest in the world, and Irish men amongst the ugliest.

It has also been suggested that good-looking men can struggle in job interviews, with potential employers being afraid to hire a potential rival in the office.

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