Irish martial arts wondergirl wows American audience

Jesse-Jane McParland - Fantastic Irish martial arts girl’s breathtaking appearance on The Ellen Show

The young Irish girl who gave Simon Cowell a huge fright on Britain’s Got Talent earlier this year has made her first appearance on American mainstream TV.

Jesse-Jane McParland first came to the public’s attention when she appeared on the British talent show.
She performed a brilliant martial arts routine and the video went viral, winning her millions of fans across the world.
Jesse-Jane McParland - Fantastic Irish martial arts girl’s breathtaking appearance on The Ellen Show
She is already a world champion and has won over 100 titles. She has also received offers to appear in movies.
Even high ranking politicians such as Hilary Clinton are fans. The US presidential hopeful recently shared a video of Jesse-Jane with millions of followers on her social media pages.
Now Jesse-Jane has made her first appearance on The Ellen Show in LA. She told host Ellen DeGeneres that she used to do other activities such as sports or dancing but martial arts was her true passion.
She said: “I got into martial arts when I was three years old because I used to do ballet and Irish dancing but I never liked them.
“Mummy and Daddy wanted me to get into a sport, and they maybe were thinking basketball.
“So I find these people in white gis doing different moves and I was just like ‘Daddy, Daddy look at this.’”
She said that at first her father thought that karate was too dangerous. However, when she went to basketball she couldn’t stop thinking about karate.
Eventually her parents decided to give karate a try after she told her mother that ‘Not every girl dreams of being a little princess’.
Jesse-Jane won over both DeGeneres and the audience with her stories. DeGeneres was impressed that Jesse-Jane was willing to do her own thing rather than follow what everybody else expects of her.
Jesse-Jane then gave another spectacular performance, showing exactly why she was right to follow her own dream.
Jesse-Jane was just nine years old when she appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. She looked like an angelic little girl who was about to sing a beautiful song for the judges.
However, when her performance started, her face transformed and she had the stern look of someone who meant business. Instead of singing a song she broke into a fantastic martial arts routine.
The audience and judges were surprised and delighted, and Cowell even looked a little scared.
This time it was an American audience left stunned by Jesse-Jane’s skill.
Take a look at the video of her appearance on the Ellen Show below below.