Irish martial arts girl set to star in Hollywood movie

Irish martial arts girl Jesse-Jane McParland could be a hit in Hollywood

The young Irish girl who impressed talent judges, including Simon Cowell, with a blistering martial arts routine could be about to hit the big time in Hollywood.

In fact, she has already had a brief appearance in the 2015 film The Martial Arts Kid. After her recent appearance on TV series Britain’s Got Talent, it is likely her next foray into the world of movies will see her land a bigger role.
Jesse-Jane McParland, from Co Armagh, wowed viewers at the weekend when she appeared on stage seemingly to perform a dance routine.
Irish martial arts girl Jesse-Jane McParland could be a hit in Hollywood
However, she pulled out a sword and when she turned to face the judges her smiling face had turned to one of thunder. This was a girl who meant business!
The judges look shocked at first, but were soon won over by the quality of Jesse-Jane’s performance. Simon even offered her a job as his body guard.
At the tender age of nine, Jesse-Jane is already a world champion kick boxer and has 117 titles to her name!
Now it has emerged that she is set to appear in a new film alongside High School Musical star Zac Efron.
Jesse-Jane’s mum Sinéad McParland told the Daily Mail: “She got flown over to Hollywood for the Martial Arts Kid with big names in the sport.
“She’s just been picked now for another one set in Ireland called Awakening, starring Zac Efron. It’s being shot in July.”
Check out the trailer for The Martial Arts Kid. Fast-forward to around 1.48 to see Jesse-Jane.