Irish Mammies take over their kids Tinder account

Irish Mammies take over their kids Tinder account

Most of us would recoil in horror at the thought of letting our mammies take control of our love lives, but that is exactly what the game folk at FACTS have done for our entertainment.
The Irish YouTube channel got several young men and women to hand over their Tinder accounts to their mammies and let them select their match, and even send them messages.Irish Mammies take over their kids Tinder account
For those of you who don’t know, Tinder is a dating app for your phone which finds local people for the user to go out with.
With mobile phones being so important to young people now, many use them to help organise their love lives as well as their social and business lives.
So FACTS thought it would be funny to let some Irish mammies loose on their kids Tinder accounts. And they weren’t wrong.
One of the opening comments from an Irish Mammy is: “Yeah, I do a bit, I do the Facebook.”
To which her son confirms: “Yeah, she does the Facebook.”
As the mammies get into the swing of it, they soon start saying what they think.
One mother warns her daughter that one of her matches “looks cute but he might take you out into the woods and kill you”.
Another mammy sees a potential match for her son but dismisses her as “she’s very scantily clad so no”.
Take a look at the video in full below.