Irish brothers make their mother’s day in heart-warming video

Irish mother's 60th birthday surprise

An Irish mother got a huge shock as she opened a parcel in her back yard expecting it to be a new fridge. It turned out to be something even cooler.
Mary Callaghan was celebrating her 60th birthday and already moved to tears as she watched a video from her two sons Jay and Paul who live in North America.
Irish mother's 60th birthday surprise
The brothers told her that they missed her and wished her a happy birthday. However, we knew from earlier in the video that they had planned a surprise with the mysterious parcel in the back yard.
They told their mother to expect a nice new fridge. However, the two brothers had come back for Mary’s birthday and were hiding in the parcel.
After watching the video, Mary went out into the yard. Another family member told her to practise her ‘surprised face’ for the camera to make sure she seemed suitably delighted with her ‘new fridge’.
He needn’t have worried because when Mary opened the parcel and her two sons jumped out and yelled ‘Happy birthday’ her genuine surprise face was priceless.
The Irish Mirror report that Mary hadn’t seen Paul for over a year and wasn’t expecting to see Jay until next Christmas when he gets married.
Take a look at the heart-warming video below