Irish magician performs brilliant ‘Bruce Springsteen’ card trick

An Irish magician performed a card trick as he told a story about Bruce Springsteen

A remarkable video by Irish magician Brendan Harte will have you staring at your screen in disbelief.

Harte is a big fan of American rock star Bruce Springsteen and used his card skills to tell a story about the Boss.

Harte had a deck of playing cards in his hand and started off his performance by mixing up the cards with a special ‘E Street Shuffle’.

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An Irish magician performed a card trick as he told a story about Bruce Springsteen

He then asked somebody to cut the cards before beginning his story. He said ‘I’ve been a Bruce Springsteen fan for about 40 years’ as he threw down four random cards onto the table – that all happened to be tens – adding up to 40.

As he carried on his story he continued to drop cards face down on the table and each one corresponded perfectly to what he was saying.

Harte’s story included information about Springsteen such as his birth date – which was illustrated by the numbered cards – and even included references to several of the Boss’ song titles such as 57 channels (and nothing on), Mary Queen of Arkansas, Jersey Girl, Streets of Philadelphia, Incident on 57th Street and of course Born to Run.

He never broke his stride and by the end of the trick he had used all 52 cards in the deck – and even some extras.

The brilliant performance took place at in Bertoni Neon Menswear on Talbot Street ahead of The Boss’ huge 2016 stadium shows at Croke Park.

Take a look at the video below.