What do the Irish love most about Christmas dinner?

Christmas dinner

The nation’s favourite part of a Christmas dinner is the roast potato, according to a new survey.

Chip manufacturer McCain have published their ‘McCain’s Nation’s Conversation’s’ report which reveals just what the public enjoy most about their Christmas dinner.

McCain revealed that on average, an Irish Christmas dinner plate will include three slices of turkey, four potatoes, four brussels sprouts, two Yorkshire puddings, two parsnips and two pigs in blankets.

Christmas dinner

Perhaps surprisingly, roast turkey, or any other meat, was not the number one choice among the 2,000 adults that took part in the survey.

Over half of the country (58%) said they loved roast potatoes more than any other part of their dinner.

The vast majority of potato lovers said they preferred their roastie to be crispy. Meanwhile, 18% said the most important thing was for it to be cooked in meat fat and 10% preferred a fluffy spud to a crispy one.

Roast turkey was also popular, getting the thumbs up from 43% of the respondents. The same percentage went for the uniquely Christmas treat of pigs in blankets.

The veg came slightly further down the list but was still popular.

Brussells sprouts (20%) and parsnips (14%) finished higher in the list than Christmas pudding, which was most popular among 11% of the public.

Stuffing (23%), gravy (21%), Yorkshire pudding (20%), and cauliflower cheese (8%) made up the rest of the top ten.

The survey revealed that many families don’t sit down to the traditional Christmas dinner and have a taste for different kinds of meals.

Fish and chips, and pie and chips were both favourites for 2% of respondents.

Top ten parts of a Christmas dinner:

1. Roast potatoes (58%)
2. Roast turkey (43%)
3. Pigs in blankets (43%)
4. Stuffing (23%)
5. Gravy (21%)
6. Yorkshire pudding (20%)
7. Brussels Sprouts (17%)
8. Parsnips (14%)
9. Christmas pudding (11%)
10. Cauliflower cheese (8%)

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