Irish kids on what ‘equality’ means to them

Youth Tuber has created another video in their series of Irish kids and their views on the world.

The cuties have become a big hit online since they first started uploading videos a month or so ago.
They have previously been asked for their opinions on various issues such as the weather, and also been asked to sing the American national anthem.
This time the questions posed were a bit more serious, with the youngsters’ views on equality being put in the spotlight.
Irish kids on what ‘equality’ means to them
They were asked a series of questions starting with ‘what is equality?’
All the kids were credited for their comments with their names appearing on screen underneath them. One boy named Sam replied: “If you’re equal then it means you’re the same age and the same size.”
The questions continued with ‘should all people be equal?’
The replies were both sensible and caring with Luca saying: “Yes because if someone was higher it wouldn’t be fair on the others that were lower.”
Another young man named Niall summed it up perfectly with one simple phrase: “The trick is to just be nice”
The kids were then asked what they think should happen to people who don’t treat others equally, to which a girl named Bluebell asked: “Who would want to be mean to another person?”
Before Benjy added: “It’s not fair if grownups tell us children to be equal and then they don’t do it.”
Other responses included that offenders “should be fined” or “should just walk away”.
The video was posted on to YouTube yesterday as the latest edition of the Youth Tuber series.
Enjoy the video below.